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InteliCoat Brands: Delivering Innovative Digital Imaging Substrates for the Wide Format Printing Market

As a global market leader in the development and fulfillment of high performance digital imaging substrates, InteliCoat Technologies® has earned a reputation for delivering innovative products for the wide format printing market, including the award-winning Magic® brand portfolio of digital imaging media and inks, the Magiclée® brand of digital fine art and specialty media, Museo® brand digital fine art and photo media and the JetSet® brand of products for the CAD market.

Whether you are looking to create sign and banner applications, fine art and photography displays, or beyond, InteliCoat will almost certainly have a coated paper, film or specialty substrate to meet the needs of your creative vision. InteliCoat substrates are formulated to work across a variety of printer platforms and are available in a range of sizes, as rolls or sheets.

Magic® Grand and Wide Format Inkjet Papers

Magic Logo

Introduced in 1993, the award-winning Magic brand portfolio of media addresses the evolving needs of digital printers with grand and wide format inkjet paper and film. Featuring distinctive coatings, Magic media are compatible with the most demanding imagery printed using water-based dye, latex, pigment, UV cure and solvent/eco-solvent inks.

Products available in the Magic product line include sign and banner supplies, photorealistic papers, display films, pressure-sensitive media, textiles, coated matte papers, digital wallcovering, and beyond


Magiclée® Digital Fine Art and Photo Media

Magiclee brand logo

As the name implies, the Magiclée brand of digital fine art and photo media, introduced in 2003, combines the unique ability of InteliCoat to precisely apply ink receptive coatings to specialty media with the popularity of  "giclée" printed art. Due to InteliCoat's expertise in applying ink receptive coatings to specialty media such as inkjet canvas, the Magiclée brand of digital fine art and photo media is uniquely positioned to deliver exceptional results and consistency for artists and printers involved with giclée printing. Magiclée offers a diverse range of media alternatives to meet the needs of the most discriminating artists, providing archival characteristics, superior color accuracy, printing quality and image permanence.

Magiclée wide format inkjet products include fine art paper, matte presentation paper, fast-drying photobase paper and inkjet canvas ranging from 100% cotton to poly/cotton inkjet canvas blends. All Magiclée media are compatible with water-based ink and printer systems and most are compatible with longer-lasting pigment ink sets. Magiclée brand media makes it possible to achieve quality results with both sheets and rolls, which are available in a variety of sizes.


Museo® Digital Fine Art Media

Museo Brand logoMuseo is the brand name given to the family of digital fine art media originally developed by Crane & Company and now owned by InteliCoat Technologies. Targeted toward professional, semi-professional, and pro-sumer photographers and artists who produce digital originals or reproductions using ink jet technology, the Museo brand paper products provide world-class image quality manufactured to archival standards (Library of Congress, ISO) with all products being 100% cotton, internally buffered, and containing no optical brighteners.

Museo products are available in common roll and sheet sizes for small, medium and wide format printing. Pre-scored, two-side-printable card stock is also available to make the production of greeting cards, invitations, and announcements quick and easy.


Jet Set® Ink Jet Media for the CAD Market

Jet Set logo

With its Jet Set line, introduced in 1993, InteliCoat offers a range of high quality, consistent product for every CAD application. InteliCoat's Jet Set brand has been the most popular product in the CAD market for many years, and continues to be the product of choice for a large number of users. Featuring a range of high quality, consistent products for every CAD application, the Jet Set brand provides the very best performance for high-quality engineering plots and full-color applications.


Complementary Inks, Laminates and Top Coats

To extend its reach within the digital imaging market, InteliCoat is continually developing new product offerings that can be paired with or without Magic, Magiclée and Museo for cost-effective, timesaving solutions. InteliCoat's growing line of complementary products features an assortment of inks, laminates and top coats designed to provide customers with the utmost in convenience and innovation. The current line of complementary products includes Magic Inks, Magic Protect™ Laminate, and Museo Enhance™ clear coat solution. Stay tuned for other new and exciting offerings from InteliCoat.


Proof It® Ink Jet Proofing Media

Proof it logoThe benefits of ink jet proofing have been realized in the marketplace, and InteliCoat provides a wide range of paper products that meet this need.